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Annual Events

Anza Days 
Usually in June before the Fourth of July weekend.
Visit for details.

Wellness in the Park 
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Fair in the Park
Contact the office of the Ramona Band of Cahuilla for more
information: 951-763-4105

Local Attractions

Cahuilla Creek MX - miles map
World famous CMX track in Anza, CA. YouTube: , 123 
50100 Hwy 371
Anza, CA 92539 

Hamilton Museum
39991 Contreras Rd., 
Anza, CA 92539
Open to the Public every Wednesday & Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM 

Little Red School House & Park 
Children’s playground, basketball, BBQ, etc.

High Country Recreation Field (baseball)

Gymkhana Field (Equestrian Events) 
Dating back to the days of Colonial India, Gymkhana is a form of horseback riding that takes the riders through a timed obstacle course and is used for any place where sporting events take place and generally refers to any of various meets at which contests are held to test the skill of the competitors.

Horseback Riding, Camping, and Mountain Biking
Anza has miles of dirt roads and riding trails. Cahuilla mountain, Thomas Mountain, the Santa Rosa range west of Terwilliger Valley. Ask anyone in town and they'll point you in the right direction. See the Campgrounds & Lakes orHiking Trails sections for details.



Cahuilla Casino - West end of Anza on Hwy 371, 4.0 miles map 
52702 Hwy 371
Anza, CA 92539
1-888-371-ANZA (2692)

REGIONAL - to name a few... 
Agua Caliente -
 Rancho Mirage, 36.8 miles map 
Barona Valley Ranch & Casino - Lakeside, 76.2 miles map 
Harrah's Casino - Valley Center, 50.7miles map 
Morongo Casino - Beaumont, 63.1 miles map 
Pala Casino
 - Pala, 40.6 miles map 
Pechanga Casino
 - Temecula, 32.6 miles map 
Red Earth Casino - Thermal (Salton Sea), 70.7 miles map 
Soboba Casino - San Jacinto, 37.7 miles map 
The Spa Resort & Casino - Palm Springs, 42.8 miles map

Nearby Tourist Towns

Palm Springs - 41.3 miles map 
Restaurants, museums, airport, tours, tram, casinos, entertainment, 
accomodations, theaters, and more.
See website for information.

Palm Desert - 31.4 miles map 
Golfing, tennis, dining, tours, theaters, museums, College of the Dessert, 
Living Dessert Reserve, art galleries, shopping. See website for more.

Idyllwild - 22.7 miles map 
Restaurants, shopping, and a well-known cultural community for the arts.
See website for more information.

Julian 56.3 miles map 
A quaint, mountain community fashioned after its 1870s beginnings and known for it's fabulous apple pies and Buffalo burgers. Shopping, camping, hiking, romantic B&Bs, wedding sites, restaurants, wine tasting, and so much more. 
See their website for details.

Oak Grove - Butterfield Stage Station 21.1 miles map 
The Oak Grove Station is situated on Highway 79 about six miles south of Aguanga and 13 miles northwest of Warner Hot Springs in southwestern Riverside County. It is now occupied by a store.
According to the National Parks Service, of the 139 original Butterfield stations, Oak Grove is the only one still standing. 
The gates are open on weekends, and there is no admission charge. 
Sandy Stokes can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (909) 587-3140.

Temecula - 35.1 miles map 
Pechanga Casino, Baloon Festival, wine tasting, Old Town, ....
See website for information.

Warner Springs - 35.5 miles map 
Resort Spa, Golfing, Gliding

Campground & Lakes

Anza RV Resort - 5 miles map 

41560 Terwilliger Rd, #75
Anza, CA 92539 
Toll Free: (888)763-4819

Cowboy Country Campground - 9.3 miles map 
50005 Bradford Rd
Aguanga, CA 92536
(951) 763-1070

Diamond Valley Lake - 36 miles map 
Boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, wildflowers, etc.
The new Aquatic Center is open daily and houses a 
play gym and water slide for all your water fun.
See website for details.

Hemet Lake Recreation - 15.6 miles map 
Camping, boating, fishing

Hurkey Creek Park - 16 miles map
Across Hwy 74 from Lake Hemet
Reservation site map

Lake Cahuilla - La Quinta, 45.6 miles map 
Camping, fishing, equestrian and hiking trails and picnicking.
Reservation site map

Lake Skinner - 33.9 miles map 
Camping, boating, fishing

Vail Lake Recreation 24.5 miles map 
Camping, boating, fishing, water slide, private parties, special summer events.
See website for details.

Hiking Trails

Ramona Trail / Thomas Mountain
Elevation: 6,825 
Topographical Map: Anza, Idyllwild
Description: Moderately easy, well-maintained, 7-mile trail on the north slope of Thomas Mountain. 
Trailhead: Take Hwy 371 east to Hwy 74. Turn left on Hwy. 74. Go about 14 miles to the signs for the Ramona/Tool Box Spring Trailhead (before Lake Hemet). The main trail is a few hundred yards from the parking lot. You can also drive to the campsite at the top of Thomas Mountain.

Cahuilla Mountain Trail
Elevation: 4,480 to 5,604 
Topographical Map: Cahuilla Mtn
Description: Moderate. 2.5 Miles (4.17 Kilometers). Trail # 2E45. 
Open: Year-round
Trailhead: Follow Forest Road 6S22 to the Cahuilla Saddle. The trail starts at the saddle.

Coyote Canyon
Elevation: 700 to 3,900 
Topographical Map: Cahuilla Mtn
Description: Moderate. 5-7 hours. Soft sand trail with and initially steep descent of 3,200 ft. in the first 1/2 mile of the trek. Shuttle distance is about 68 miles between Anza and Borrego.
Open: November to May (Closed June to October for Big Horn Sheep.)
Trailhead: Take Hwy 371 east to Kirby, which turns left onto Wellman Rd. and then right onto Terwilliger Rd. Take Terwilliger Rd. about 1.25 miles to Coyote Canyon Rd. Turn left on Coyote Canyon Rd. and follow it right onto the dirt road.

Juan Bautista De Anza Trail
Description: This trail traces the path of a party of Spanish colonists, led by Col. Juan Bautista de Anza, who in 1776 sought to establish an overland route from Mexico to California.

Pacific Crest Trail
Elevation: Segment nearest to Anza - 1,190 to 9,030
Topographical Map: 
Description: The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) stretches from Mexico to Canada across extreme elevation changes and passes through six of North America's seven ecozones including high and low desert, old-growth forest and artic-alpine country. Perhaps it is this diversity of terrain that attracts some 300 hikers to complete this 2,650-mile trek annually. Of the segment nearest Anza, the Pacific Crest Trail Association website says this:

“…the trail dips into Anza-Borrego Desert State Park at Scissors Crossing, and then winds up, down, and around the San Felipe Hills and lesser mountains of the Cleveland National Forest before crossing Highway 74 at 4,900' and climbing the backbone of the San Jacinto Mountains. Here it reaches its highest point in this section at 9,030' shortly before it plunges to its lowest, crossing beneath Interstate 10 at (elev. 1,190') in broad San Gorgonio Pass.”1

In addition, thousands of others experience short segments of the journey throughout the year. The small inset map including Palm Springs at the bottom of the page at shows you the segment easily accessible to visitors to Anza. You can pick up the trail from Highway 74 in the San Jacinto Mountains. Accessed at 03/14/06

Trailhead: Visitors to Anza would be most likely to travel the PCT from Warner Springs to San Gorgonio Pass. To learn more about the trailheads and planning a trip on the PCT, call the Pacific Crest Trail Association at 916.349.2109.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Jasper-Trail, Grapevine Canyon, Glorietta Canyon, Font's Point, Pinyon Mountain, Split Mountain, Butte's Pass, Banner Toll Rd., Eagle Peak, Oakzanita, Noble Canyon, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, and Palomar Mountain.


Regional Parks

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 66.4 miles map 
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in the contiguous United States with over 600,000 acres of washes, wildflowers, palm groves, cacti and sweeping vistas.

Joshua Tree National Park - 77.6 miles map

Mount San Jacinto
This 10,804 foot peak, the second highest mountain in Southern California, pushes dramatically out of the desert floor from Palm Springs and provides an amazing panoramic view spanning from the Mexican border to Catalina Island on clear days. It can be accessed via the Palm Springs Tram on the northeast side or from Idyllwild on the opposing side.

Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument